CIM MES Events & Symposia

Since the late-1970s, the Management and Economics Society, and its predecessors, the Mineral Economics Committee and the Mineral Economics Society, has hosted numerous events and symposia as part of its mandate to provide professional development opportunities in the areas of management, markets, and mineral economics.

  • Over the years, these events have taken many forms, including:
  • MES Symposia on a variety of timely topics
  • MES stand-alone events on special topics
  • MES Management and Finance Day at the CIM AGM annual convention
  • Rocks and Stocks, jointly by MES and CIM Toronto Branch
  • MES Technical Sessions at the CIM AGM annual conventions


MES Symposia

Professional Development has always been a guiding principle for MES. MES developed and presented symposia on current issues and relevant topics to provide learning opportunities to mining professionals since its earliest days.

1980 – “Perspectives on Mineral Evaluation and Forecasting” (Toronto, 17-18 November)
198? – “Changing Gears – Mining’s New Competitive Structure”
198? – “Managing for Strategic Advantage”
1986 – “Managing for Strategic Advantage” (Vancouver, 11-13 November)
1989 – “Leaders in the 90s” (Toronto, 24-26 January)
1991 – “Back to Basics: Valuation of Mineral Properties and Companies” (Toronto, 17 January)
1992 – “Back to Basics: Managing the Risks to Reap the Rewards” (Toronto, 16 January)
1992 – “Valuation of Mineral Properties and Companies” (Vancouver, 27 January)
1993 – “Mining 2001: A Canadian Odyssey” (Toronto, 21 January)
1996 – “Global Opportunities: Emerging Mining Markets” (Toronto, 25 January)
1997 – “Corporate Strategy in Mining: Finding, developing and operating mines in the 1990’s” (Vancouver at Roundup, 27 January)
1999 – “Shifting Sands … Changing Investment Climates for the International Mining Industry” (Toronto, 25 January)
2001 – “Mining in Transition: Consolidation, Returns and Shareholder Value” (Toronto, 22 January)
2003 – “Mining Agreements: Deal Makers and Deal Breakers” (Toronto, 20 January)


MES Stand-Alone Events

2000 – “Valuation Day” at Mining Millennium 2000, at the joint conference of PDAC and CIM in Toronto (8 March). The CIMVal Committee hosted organized a “Valuation Day.” Proceedings were published in book format by CIM.
2005 – “Knowing the Risks, Don’t Learn the Hard Way, a full-day workshop at the CIM AGM “Mining Rocks!” in Toronto (24 April).
2007 – “Copper 2007” the Sixth International Copper-Cobre Conference in Toronto (25-30 August). As one of the co-organized and hosted by the Metallurgical Society of CIM with the Chilean Institute of Mining Engineers, MES convened three sessions with 16 papers on copper economics and marketing.


MES Management and Finance Day

In 2008, the planning committee for the CIM annual conference approached MES with the request to develop an event to anchor the Wednesday of the conference. That day had traditionally been less well attended, and they wanted something that would attract attendees to stay through Wednesday. MES developed “Management and Finance Day” in response to this request, selected themes, and invited speakers. This event was so successful in expanding participation and other activities on the Wednesday of the annual conference that, in 2019, the CIM planning committee revamped the annual conference structure to have “streams” of technical sessions that spanned the three full days of the conference. One of those streams was allocated to MES, and so Management and Finance Day was discontinued.

2009 – “Living with the Downturn” (Toronto)
2010 – “Perspectives on Valuation” (Vancouver)
2011 – “Financing International Projects: Mines Without Borders” (Montreal)
2012 – “Facing our New Challenges: Minerals for all Seasons” (Edmonton)
2013 – “What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You!” (Toronto)
2014 – “Reading the Market – What Happens Next?” (Vancouver)
2015 – “The Real Cost of Doing Business” (Montreal)
2016 – “Mining in Crisis – Where to from Here?” (Vancouver)
2017 – “Planning for the Long Term” (Montreal)
2018 – “The Next Big Change: The Economics of Water, Waste and Closure” (Vancouver)


Rocks and Stocks (Jointly by MES & CIM Toronto Branch)

In 2013, the planning committee for the CIM AGM conference decided that the annual conference would alternate locations between Vancouver and Montreal, and Toronto would no longer host this important CIM conference. Given that Toronto is the largest mining centre globally, MES and the CIM Toronto Branch jointly developed “Rocks & Stocks” as part of an ongoing Professional Development Series. Rocks & Stocks takes place in Toronto in the fall. It addresses timely and significant topics through a combination of speakers, panel discussions, and open-floor discussions in which everyone participates.

2014 – “Project Risk: The News Ain’t All Bad”
2015 – “The Feasibility Study – Relevance, Value, Expectations”
2016 – “Mining Project Development – What needs to change!”
2017 – “Shaking Up Our Industry – Being Smarter This Time”
2018 – “The Emerging Cycle: Risk Mitigation & Opportunities”
2019 – “Mining’s Pressing Issues – Mine Tailings, Mergers & Acquisitions”
2020 – “What Does the Future Hold? – Mining investments within the Green Economy – A Paradox?”


MES Technical Sessions at the CIM AGM Annual Conventions

Since its earliest days, MES and its predecessors have participated in the Technical Sessions at the CIM annual convention. These sessions were originally short programs based on submitted abstracts. There were also themed sessions with invited speakers. Between 2009 and 2018, MES activity at the annual conference was focused on Management and Finance Day. In 2019 the CIM planning committee revised the conference program to a “stream” approach, and MES was allocated one of those streams. MES continues to develop and present sessions for the Technical Sessions program.



The Symposium planned for 29 September 1997 in Toronto, with the title “Moose Pasture to Reserves to Riches”, was cancelled due to scheduling difficulties.