CIM MES: Montréal Chapter

CIM MES Montréal, part of the Management and Economics Society of CIM (CIM MES), is a Chapter formed to promote the mining and energy industry sectors through offering an educational and networking forum for industry professionals focused on management and servicing in these vital sectors within the Canadian economy. Founded in August 2017, the Chapter has blossomed into one of the pre-eminent local focal points in Québec which further interests of these resource sectors.

Its bi-monthly industry events attract speakers from the world’s largest industry companies, service providers, and academic institutions. Industry leaders and executives from the service industries to the resource sector make up its large audiences.

CIM MES also runs popular and well-attended events throughout Canada and internationally which attract resource investors in the global investment capitals to meet with and hear from leaders of these sectors. CIM’s annual Convention is a highlight of the global resource calendar. The convention unites the biggest names in the mining, metals and minerals industries for three days of solid technical programming and The Expo!, Canada’s mining marketplace.


Management and Economics Society

The Management and Economics Society of CIM was originally formed as the Mineral Economics Committee of CIM in 1973. Then, in 1992, it became a fully-fledged Society. The Mineral Economics Society changed its name to the Management and Economics Society of CIM in May, 2004 in order to encompass others in the mining and energy industry sectors who may not have a technical background.

MES provides a home within the CIM organization for industry professionals whose focus is economics, finance and management. Members are from all areas of professional endeavour, including: senior management, geology, engineering, metallurgy, environmental, law, accounting, taxation, banking, investments, academia, governmental, human resources, social development, consultancy, insurance, and many more. All are welcome!

The Management and Economics Society sponsors various educational and social events across Canada and internationally that provide industry professionals with the opportunity to both network and share experiences, insights and ideas on topics relating to the economics, management and financial aspects of the business. Keep up to date by checking us out often at:

The Society also provides financial support to various university educational initiatives and programs.

CIM MES has played a leading role in the development of standards and definitions used in the mining industry as well as supporting the publication of several CIM reference volumes. Specifically, MES has taken a leadership position within CIM on important industry issues through the Ore Reserves Committee and the Mineral Property Valuation Committee (CIMVal).

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Co-Chairs (2022–23)

Anand Beejan

Arnab De


CIM MES Vancouver Committees (2022–23)

Steering Committee

Roussos Dimitrakopoulos

Iain Farmer

Bish Chanda


Communication Chair

Arnab De


Publicity Chair

Roussos Dimitrakopoulos

Enzo Angeles Pasco


Program Chair

Iain Farmer

Guy Desharnais

Matthew Quigley


Montreal Chapter

CIM MES Supporters and Patrons

We at CIM MES would not be able to accomplish everything we do throughout Canada and beyond, annually, without the generous backing of our partners, sponsors, supporters, and volunteers.

The Management & Economics Society expresses a special gratitude to the following supporters and sponsors for their extraordinary assistance. Please visit them online by clicking on their logos below!

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