Robert Elver Mineral Economics Award

Born in Toronto in 1934, Robert Elver is celebrated as one of Canada’s foremost mineral economists. After graduating from the University of Toronto, Elver joined the Mineral Resources Division of the Department of Mines and Technical Surveys, where he would spend his entire career. Elver was instrumental in bringing Canadian involvement to international metals committees, such as OECD and the Economic Commission for Europe, especially in steel. He enhanced mineral development domestically and was instrumental in reviewing mining public policy in the 1970s.

Robert Elver’s foresight led to the formation of the Mineral Economics Committee in 1974, which eventually became the Management & Economics Society. Elver was the Committee’s first Chair, but he died after a brief illness in July 1979. Following his death, the Robert Elver Mineral Economics Award was created to honour a CIM member who has made significant contributions to the field of mineral economics in Canada.

List of the CIM Robert Elver Award in Mineral Economics to date:

—————- 1980
Keith Buck 1981
Hugh Taylor 1982
Brian Mackenzie 1983
Herbert D. Dreschler 1984
J. Prince 1985
Donald J. Worth, W. Barbour 1986
Donn Morgan 1987
[no information] 1988
Gerry Anders 1989
Alistair J. Sinclair 1990
Noel A Cleland 1991
Edward M. Yates 1992
G. J. (Gerry) DeSorcy 1993
Patrick Mars 1994
David E. Harquail 1995
Bernie J. Haystead and John T. Postle 1996
Graham Farquharson 1997 [1]
Graham Farquharson 1998
George Espley 1999
Michael Chender 2000
John J. Drury 2001
Michael Doggett 2002
Lawrence Devon Smith 2003
Maureen Jensen 2004
Ian S. Thompson 2005
Jane Spooner 2006
David D. Davidson 2007
Keith Brewer 2008
Keith Spence and William Roscoe 2009
Karl Harries 2010
Pierre Lassonde 2011
Deborah McCombe 2012
Michael Samis 2013
John R. Ing 2014
Lionel Kilburn 2015
William McNeil 2016
Gordon Bogden 2017
Simon Houlding 2018
Terence Ortslan 2019
Reno Pressacco 2020
Patricia Mohr 2021

[1] Graham Farquharson was awarded both in 1997 (a ‘regular’ award) and in 1998 following his role in uncovering the Bre-X fraud.