Students & Educators

CIM MES, along with CIM, promotes national cooperation among students of mining and energy sciences in order to broaden knowledge and understanding to achieve a sustainable future for the mining and energy sectors. For this, MES is proud to provide a platform for students to enrich their formal education, promote cultural understanding by encouraging collaboration with national and international partner organisations and to gain practical experiences with a wider and more global perspective. Through its social network, CIM and MES encourage student meetings and enables participation in sponsored association events.

CIM also values its interaction with students and educators. A number of educational focused programmes are available for students and educators, to help both groups learn more about the various mining and energy industries (click HERE to find out more).

CIM encourage students by offering:

  • Scholarships, bursaries and awards  (including the MES-COSMO Scholarship)
  • CIM Student Chapters
  • Special events and programs
  • Student-Industry Luncheons
  • Opportunities to make useful contacts
  • Involvement in CIM



CIM MES supports a variety of educational initiatives that improve student performance, encourage diversity and benefit our nation’s future competitiveness.

What kind of training is available?

Canada is a leader in the international mining and energy industries and its post secondary institutions are world class. Over 25 colleges and 9 universities in Canada offer programs ranging from certificates to PhD’s. Many Canadian colleges and universities also offer programs in fields related to petroleum, mining, engineering, and skilled trades.